What is Membership Rewards?

The Clothescheap.com rewards our member by offering discount on their purchases. Each US dollar spent on Clothescheap.com purchase is equivalent to one reward point. Once customers accumulate a required amount of Clothescheap.com reward points, they qualify for a special discount applicable towards Clothescheap.com purchases. And there is no time limited for the membership qualification. Please refer to the discount you can enjoy as bellows:

 Membership Levels

Regular Member
Silver Member
Gold Member

 Reward Points

0 - 999

1000 - 4,999

5000 or more

 Member Discount




* Our system will automatically count your special discounts eligible for your membership level upon you check out.
* Member discount can't be used in conjunction with wholesale discount, our system will automatically count the preferential discount upon you check out.
* On sale items can’t enjoy purchase discount.
* Member discounts are not applicable towards shipping or reshipping charges.

How to earn the reward points?

Once you register as Clothescheap.com member, you are automatically qualified to become the regular member. Each US dollar spent on Clothescheap.com purchase is equivalent to one reward point, but coupons and shipping charges do not earn reward point. If a sale item is included in the order, the reduced price will be used to calculate the reward point earned.

How to check the reward points and membership level?

Customers can view their reward points and membership level by login “My Account”

When will my discounts be applicable?

Once a required amount of Clothescheap.com reward points is accumulated, members will be upgraded to Silver or Gold member immediately, and you may start enjoying the special discounts eligible for your membership status.

Our Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions

A. The Clothescheap.com Membership Rewards is run by Clothescheap.com and is only applicable at Clothescheap.com websites.

B. Membership rewards and levels are not transferable and may only be used by the Clothescheap.com registered member. Misuse of membership or benefits may result in termination or suspension of membership or withdrawal of benefits.

C. Clothescheap.com reserves the right to modify the structure, benefits and terms and conditions of the membership rewards at any time. Clothescheap.com will use reasonable efforts to notify members of these changes. However, it is the members' responsibility to keep themselves updated of any changes before taking advantage of membership benefits.

D. Should there be any dispute concerning the Clothescheap.com Membership Rewards in any regard, Clothescheap.com decision will be final.